Winter is coming - that means snow, ice and sleet.

Make sure you don’t end up stuck with a frozen charging port.

ICEing is a common problem for EV drivers, but regular ice can be even more frustrating.  Your EV’s port can remain clear and ready to use in all winter conditions if you have a Yet-E-Boot. The extremely portable and easy to use Yet-E-Boot charge port protector completely covers your charging port when in use, keeping out the elements. Once charging is complete, simply knock off the ice or snow and store the soft, flexible Yet-E-Boot for your next charging session. It works on ANY charging cord, and is quickly interchangeable. You can safely use it on public chargers without worry - As long as your car locks onto the charger plug when you’re charging, your Yet-E-Boot cannot be removed by unauthorized people. Check the list of vehicles to find your fit.

Basic Criteria:

  • The body panel around the charge port must be a magnetic material.

  • The charge port opening is not larger and 9 in x 9 in (23 cm x 23 cm) *

* Some vehicles with larger ports may still be able to use the Yet-E-Boot. Check the vehicle list to confirm.

* The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and Toyota RAV 4 PHEV use the Yet-E-Boot XL.